Wednesday, September 11, 2013


hi i'm back, been nua-ing again &again &again &again. don't even know how to describe how nua ive been feeling since school ended may 14th. well unfortunately, school's starting next week and my timetable is actually 3 days long but trust me i'm gonna squeeze it somehow into two days plus preferably keep my mondays and fridays free.

been reading some random people's blogs, particularly those whom i know complains hell alot about their relationships when they're quarrelling hahahahaha. mean i know but it's just amusing for me, not that my bf&i don't fight, but shouldn't such things be kept private? as in it's either that or thr will be people reading and judging you guys (ahem, me.) thn again, if people don't blog about it i wouldnt  be getting my laughs. HOMAIGAWD i sound like a complete bitch. but honestly, if you dint want people to read about it  thn dont post or at least keep it private lei...........

k the previous paragraph made zero sense but whatever.

siaaaaaaan, missing my second chance to celebrate my second anni w bf cos he's gotta go to australia for an exercise. first being he was in tekong. anyway guess we'll just celebrate early in october. afterall its hari raya again!!

ending off..... what a brainless post.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


back again because ive got particular viewpoints i wanted to write about after seeing what's been occurring around me.

why do most of our generation treat relationship statuses so lightly? at least its what i noticed for a substantial amount of couples these days. they break &patch; break &patch for a couple of times before they eventually decide to break it off for good. i don't see whats the good in that honestly. sure you're bound to have occasional spats at each other, sometimes one party takes the other for granted, but isn't being in a relationship committing to your other half, putting in a combined effort to make sure that things work out? if you decide to give up at one point or another, it only shows how lightly you treat your emotions don't you? or so that's what i think.

what's more ridiculous to me is when a couple breaks up &thn patches back they continue their so-called "how long have you been together" thing. for example you stay apart from one another for a month or so and then when they've cooled it off they pretend nothing happened and the period they've been together just continues adding up. but how's that possible? if you've loved each other that much a month spent "cooling it off" is completely redundant don't you think?

when i see couples our age doing this break/patch crap i just get so frustrated, it only shows how immature people our age are acting. relationships are not child's play. you don't just break somebody's heart, say sorry and then go back to pretending that you guys are perfect together. you give up trying to accomodate the other by choosing to stay apart but i honestly doubt that that's how relationships work. take it a step further, marriage. you don't just decide i want a divorce for now and then think about marrying the same person back again. that's complete utter bullshit. yes you may say relationships are different from marriages, but think again. why do we commit ourselves to relationships. i'd safely say for a hope of the right partner to lead the rest of your lives with. but IF we already act this way with relationships now, what's to say we will not do so for our future marriages?

i mean, when you give up at any point of time it's clear that you'll sought it out as a refuge in the future. because it's a trend. couples that have broken up once, somehow or another, always ends up doing so again and again. it's not a solution to arguments and disagreements, it's a runaway route from having to go through the pain of yelling at each other, of crying, of having to face the inevitable.

truthfully, if i have to ever choose a runaway route for my relationships, i'd rather not have started one at all. we should NEVER treat relationships lightly, at least not for me.

Monday, July 15, 2013

so ive been away for exactly two months.......... too lazy to blog. so toodles